Here’s what some of our producers have to say…

“FARM Assistance provided by Texas Cooperative Extension will help me make the important financial projections so critical to the financial stability of my farm in the next ten years.”

– David Block, Moore County Producer

“FARM Assistance is a valuable tool that is needed for making sound financial decisions. This program could make the difference for a farmer to succeed.”

– Larry Beseda, Cochran County Crop Producer

“Any agribusiness person desiring accurate analysis of his or her present business operation, as well as a good handle on potential future prospects being considered, should really consider using the FARM Assistance program.”

– Dolan Brinson, Stonewall County Livestock Producer

“Most businesses would have a paid staff member to do this type of detailed analysis. Thanks to FARM Assistance, I can afford this type of professional service.”

– Kevin Huffman, McLennan County Producer

“Having someone come to your home or office and help you gather information you have and put it in a package that you can read and understand so easy is and will be very beneficial to me and my family. Thanks.”

– Ronnie Hirt, Glasscock County Producer

“The FARM Assistance Program has been very effective in helping me evaluate the short and long term projection for two alternative management decisions. It provided me with my first opportunity to get a professional analysis of my operation.”

– Melvin L. Wilson, Nueces County Cow-Calf Producer

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