Below is a sampling of the types of data and analyses that FARM Assistance develops as part of its research efforts. Represented here are three analyses related to the financial viability of agricultural producers throughout the state. While these examples do not represent the full range of research possibilities, it is evident that the depth of the data that FARM Assistance collects enables researchers to analyze specific or aggregate issues with a great deal of flexibility and accuracy.


This map depicts the geographic locations of a specific group of FARM Assistance clients as well as their respective Extension district. The ability to conduct location-specific analysis is extremely useful in determining trends that are unique to specific areas as well as at the statewide level.

In this analysis, FARM Assistance researchers looked at the percentage of program participants whose financial position would be classified as Successful, Stable, or Stressed under a specific set of criteria. Such data has been useful in developing comparisons of financial success among commodities, geographical regions, operational scale, as well as other specific characteristics.graph

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