Agricultural Water Conservation Demonstration Initiative & Texas Alliance for Water Conservation

As a supporting member of both the Agricultural Water Conservation Demonstration Initiative (ADI) and the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation (TAWC), Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s FARM Assistance program has been charged with working with initiative participants to evaluate the farm-level financial impacts of water conservation techniques undertaken as part of both studies. FARM Assistance specialists will conduct analyses for demonstration participants prior to their entry into water conservation practices in order to develop a “baseline” from which impacts of alternatives can be compared. Analyses will then evaluate the economic impacts of water conservation practices on the farming operations to determine the financial benefits/viability associated with each conservation practice.

Aside from providing ADI and TAWC with insight into the monetary implications of the initiative, demonstration participants will gain significantly as well. First, participants will be able to use the analysis resources of the FARM Assistance program to more fully evaluate the current and long-run conditions of their farming operations. These evaluations include the producer’s entire farming operation as well as those areas committed to their respective initiative. The total FARM Assistance package represents a significant incentive for initiative participants by providing a service back to participants willing to host a demonstration site. It also expands the individual’s ability to assess conservatory practices since the impacts of these methods can be evaluated over the production areas not include in the initiative. Second, the identification of both useful and less desirable conservation practices will give participants a better understanding of the financial applicability of these methods to their individual operations. This additional information will enable producers, both within and outside of the demonstration area, to make more informed decisions regarding the effectiveness of water conserving methods.

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